Friday, October 9, 2009


Dear Artist,
I am planning to bring out a special number of our bilingual quarterly art-journal 'Kala-Prayojan'
featuring all known, less-known, unknown,upcoming,budding,aspirant Indian/International Artists (Painters/sculptors) (with their old as well as recent paintings). For this purpose, I am sending you the following questionnaire for consideration and response. Should I hope that you would be kind enough to go through it thoroughly. By replying suitably at your earliest convenience and thus helping our research team to publish significant material about you and your paintings, we sincerely hope to spread the message of global friendship through Art.
Hemant Shesh

1. Where did your schooling in Art take place? or you have picked up painting on your own. How did you incline towards fine arts?
2. As a student of Art, who were your contemporaries, who later became renowned artists?
3. Who were your teachers during your studies ? Did anyone/some ones did inspire your work at the initial stage as a student artist.
4. What were the major difficulties that you faced during becoming an artist and later while establishing yourself as a visual artist-in your country and then abroad.
5. Can you classify certain important significant landmarks in your long art-journey?
6. Who are the major artists, who have inspired you or your work and why?
7. Your paintings are a blend of inspirations gathered from various sources. Which culture has a greater impact on your art and why?
8. Do you wish to be underlined as a creative artist using 'multi-media' for your various forms of expression. What has to be your central concern when you take up multi-media experimention for your works?
9. What is the significance of being experimental while working multi-media?
10. In many series of paintings some artists have blended the images of the East to those of the West, What should have been the thereof and how it bridges the occidental and oriental sensibilities??
11. Are you aware of the contemporary Art in India? What major difference do you feel between the Indian art scene today as compared to the contemporary art world of West?
12. Taking a global view of modern world-art, how do you rate major Indian artists and their art? Who are the Indian artists whose works you are familiar with?
13. Public-Art as an urbanization trend is picking up gradually in developing countries like India. What should be its aesthetic direction and dimensions? How the modern art can works literate common men's vision towards life and art?
14. What is your assessment about the recent boost in art-market of the world? Has this trend negatively influenced artists or the orientation of contemporary art. Are they becoming more and more 'commercial' insted of being professional?
15. How persons other than art-field have inspired your work and who are the chief personalities of philosophical, intellectual, literary and allied fields who have contributed to the shaping of your creative orientation?
16. What in your opinion is the creative correlation between tradition and modernity? Have some of your works given an evidence of such a co-existence?
17. What is the meaning of being an Indian near you, when for the past so many decades you are staying permanently outside India? Do you sometimes miss India and for what reasons? (This Question is addressed to Non Residential Indian Artists living abroad)
18. What is the latest that you are working on and when is your next solo/group show(s) scheduled and where?
19. Have you to say anything special on governmental patronage of fine arts, especially with reference to art institutions established for protection, Promotion and development of art and artists?
20. Have you to say anything or to show anything significant to your senior/ contemporary/budding / upcoming generation of new artists? please append choisest of your 8 recent works for consideration of publication.

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