Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The Concept of Indianness ( Bhartiyta Kee Dhaarna) : 2 consequtive issues 9-10
Krishna Baldev Vaid Aur Unka Rachna-Sansar : issue 11
Values in Art ( Kalaon Kee Moolya-Drishtee) : 2 consequtive issues; no-13
Silver Jubilee Special Number : Issue 25
Sitakant Mahapatra Aur Unkee Kavita-Yatra : Issue 26
On Theatre ( rangkarm Visheshank) Issue 29
Creative Process ( Rachna Prikriya visheshank) : Issue 42
On Theatre {Rangmanch Visheshank) : Issue 43
On Discourses on Art Forms (Kala- Samvad Visheshank) : Issue 44
On Frescoes ( Bhitti-Chitra Visheshank) : Issue 45
Golden Jubileee Special Number (Swarna Jayanti Visheshank) : Issue 50


  1. Dear Editor,
    My felicitations to you not only for bringing out an extremely informative, literary, and knowledge-based periodical that Kala Prayojan is, but also for starting this blog. I believe that all your numbers of Kala Prayojan are special and I thoroughly enjoy reading them. However I get that privilege and opportunity very rarely, since despite my repeated requests I never receive the issues regularly.I have investigated that the postmen are not at fault for this. I am sure you will be able to use your managerial and editorial acumen to ensure regular delivery of the Kala Prayojan issues.
    Thank you in advance.
    Yours truly,
    K.N. Sharma

  2. Sir, we are reallt grateful for your deep interest that you have shown towards this effort of ours. although i just look after the editorial part, and the Director WZCC is directly responsible for the distribution of the journal, being its publisher; we shall arrange to send you all backlog, if you could please specify which issues have not reached you. For parallel acadedemic activitiies may i suggest you to kindly do visi two more blogs( created by mea) JAGAH JAISEE JAGAH and AAP KO YAH JAAN KAR PRASANNTA HOGI , links of both these you may fing on my google profile. Hope you shall also enjoy them. Why don't you send us something for the 51st issue? with warm regards, HS

  3. Post Sccript: Please seee the older posts (all posts) of Kala-prayojan blog. You may also come across your name, mentioned as one of our contributors! : HS

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