Wednesday, February 4, 2009

we have just published the GOLDEN JUBILEE special number of West Zone Cultural Center, Udaipur's quarterly bilingual-magazine "KALA-PRAYOJAN" consisting of worth preserving articles on Literture, Modern Art, Indian Classical Music, Impact of globalization on futre Art, Contemporary and traditional Theatre, Cyber Art, and film। Our contributors of this number are Dr. Kamal Kishore Goyanka, Dr. Kumar Vimal, Dr. Rammurty Tripathi, Kalanath Shastry, Vijay Verma, Girish Rastogi, Alex Colvin,, Jahangir Sabawala, Manmohan Saral, Nihar Ranjan Rajah, Dr. Kavita Chakravarty, Sandhya Sen, Praytaksha, (Late) Dinesh Chandra Sharma, H. Klinke, N. Raghvendra, K. Gopalan
Exclusive interviews with Shyam Benegal (By Droneveer Kohlee), Raji Seth( by Sudarshan Narang) Rene Leforts( by KP) (Late) Nirmal Verma (by Dr. Vandana Kengrani) Ahilesh( by Peeyush Daiya), S.L. Kandara (by Pandit Vijay Shankar Mishra) are this issue's special feature.

Senior modern short story writer Ashok Aareya has contributed a story : "Deewar Ke Peechhe Rahtee Hai Wah Ladkee".

The 50th issue contains impressive art-work ( Paintings) of P. N. Choyal, Akhilesh, Awdhesh Mishra, Joseph Gaal (Poland), Chhotoolal, Pranay Goswamy, Prof. Ratan Parimoo, Jahangir Sabawala and others.


  1. I didn't get the 50th issue of Kala-Prayojan.

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  3. Thanks a lot for sending me the 50th issue.
    Congrats for your wonderful efforts. The magazine is really very useful in every aspects of art i.e. literature, paintings, music, theatre,films etc.Some of the articles are very creative and of modern thought like Ashok Aatrey's -"deevar ke peechhe rahti hai wo ladki", Alex Colvin's Global Art and the internet, Nihar Niranjan Rajah's- Art after the internet etc. An exclusive interview of the director Shyam Benegal adds a spark to the golden issue.
    I have tried to gain as much as from many of the articles of KP but still a hope left behind which encourages me to read it again and again.Surely this issue is beneficial for all the readers.

    Dr. Jolly Bhandari