Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Prof. Ratan Parimoo writes about the new issue :

" I thank you for sending me the 50th issue. It is very well printed and rich issue. It has lot of reading material relating to literature. painting,and cinema; music and theatre. I have always wanted that Hindi should have been my mother tongue. It is the only regional language of my country, the literature of which, I have been reading from school days.If I should not have taken to Art-History academically, I would probably have gone for a a career in teaching of literture! However, that is old story! I admire efforts like your very readable journal of high standard. I am sending you abook on my paintings which have some short essays on my work by others as well as writings by me....."

Prof. Ratan Parimoo is the former professor of Art History and Aesthetics and Dean of the fine Art faculty , Baroda University. A Jawahar Lal Nehru fellow ( 1991-93), Dr. Parimoo presently is the Director of L.D.Museum, Opposite Gujarat University, Navrangpura, in Ahmedabad- Blogger's Note

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